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Meal Plan For A Healthy Week.

January 23, 2018

I get asked often from you guys when I jump back on the Healthy Food Wagon what we eat and for some easy family inspo so I thought I would share last week’s one as I took a few pics as I went along and they always make a blog look more pretty right?


I decided to utilise  online shopping as it was just after we got back from a three week holiday, the cupboards were bare at home and I was looking after a friends girl for a few days! The idea of using online shopping to save some time spend that hour at the park or beach was much more appealing than dragging three kids to the supermarket. So on Monday morning all the ingredients from my planning arrived. Below is the meal plan I scribbled on a piece of a paper at the bach. All these recipes are dairy and carb free.


        Meal Plan Week One

Monday: Zoodles with Chicken and Mushroom

Tuesday : Ratatoulli (with pasta for the kids)

Wednesday:  Bunless Vege Burgers with Kumara Chips

Thursday:   Vegetarian Poke Bowl

Friday: Cheat Meal

Saturday: Chicken and Vege Kebabs with Corn

Sunday: Wing it.

Shopping List:

  • 8x large courgettes, 2x aubergine, 4x large onion, 3x bags of button mushrooms, 2x carrots, 2-4 corn on the cobb, Iceberg lettuce,
  • 1x fresh pineapple, 2x tomatoes, 2x avocado, 1x cucumber, 2x red and 2x yellow capsicum, 2x kumara
  • 4x chicken breasts, tempeh, 2x eggs, one bag of frozen edamame beans, almonds, chia seeds, kebab sticks.
  • 2x cans of whole peeled Tomatoes, 1x tub tomato paste, 1x  can coconut cream, mixed herbs, 1x bag of mixed quinoa, Wholefoods mayonnaise, grated cheese, olive oil.
  • Optional: Penne pasta, rice, and burger buns for the Ratatouille, Zoodles, Poke bowl and Burgers to make them more kid friendly.



Ingredients: 6x courgettes, coconut cream, one bag of mushrooms, 2x chicken breasts.

Use 6 of the courgettes and and turn them into zoodles with your zoodle machine (easily found at stevens etc). Chop 2 x chicken breasts up and one bag of mushrooms. In a frying pan, brown the chicken and then add in the mushrooms and cook for a few minutes. Add the noodles and stir together till the look al la dente and then add the can of coconut cream and stir through for another few minutes. Serve! Feel free to add a little parmesan if you eat and love dairy. (Optional: penne pasta for the kids)



Ingredients: Kebab sticks, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, 2 onions, one bag of mushrooms, half a pineapple, 2x chicken breast, corn.

You have probably all made or eaten these but they are often forgotten and so super simple. Just chop up all the veg and chicken and pop onto the sticks, make them similar sizes and a wee tip is if you are using wooden sticks soak them for half an hour before in some water to stop burning whilst cooking. I lay mine out on baking paper and cook in the over with a little olive oil drizzled over.

Next, cook the corn to your liking. We like to put the cobbs straight on the BBQ (approx 12-15 mins)


Ingredients: Eggplant, 2x courgettes, one bag of mushrooms, 2 onions, red capsicum, yellow capsicum, 2x tins canned tomatoes, tomato paste, mixed herbs. (penne pasta and cheese options)

First, chop all the ingredients into good sized chunks and dice onions. Next, brown onions in a generous amount of olive oil and when soft add the rest of the vegetables. Stir and add more olive oil if you think it’s needed. When it’s all a little soft and starting to cook through, stir in tomato paste, the two cans of tinned tomatoes and a tablespoon of mixed herbs and seasoning. Now you just let it simmer for a good hour or so, the longer the better. I just eat this all by itself and there’s always leftovers for the next day. Add pasta and sprinkle cheese on if you wish.


Poke Bowl:


Ingredients: Quinoa, avocado, tempeh, carrot, 3/4 cucumber, edamame beans, chia seeds, almonds.

First, cook a cup of the quinoa following instructions on the packet. With a potato peeler, peel the carrots and half a cucumber into strips. Slice the tempeh and fry in olive oil until brown on both sides, slice avocado and cook a half cup of edamame beans. Arrange these in a bowl however you like and add a few almonds and a sprinkle of chia seeds. Soya sauce also makes a nice topping if you want a bit more flavour.



Ingredients: 1/4 cucumber, 3-4 tomatoes, half a pineapple, mayonnaise, iceberg lettuce, eggs, kumara (Optional: Burger buns)

First, slice the kumara and leave the skins on, pop these in a heated oven at around 180 for about 40 minutes tossing a few times.

To make the burgers, just layer some iceberg lettuce with mayonnaise, cucumber slices, tomato and avocado. Slice some pineapple, I prefer to fry it a little until brown but if that’s not your thing, fresh is also just as delish. Add a fried egg to the top and season with salt and pepper. Super easy and super YUM!




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