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Sale Time With Godfreys

December 22, 2017

I must say I was pretty genuinely excited to do my first real review  thanks to on a household product that I have always wanted to own and I hope I am amazing at telling you how I have found this little gem after I have been trailing it now for the last few weeks.

First off the item Im going to tell you all about is the

I mean what Mum wouldn’t want this under their xmas tree or actually just any old day of the week really. With two messy children and a dog I am the first one to admit that our carpets get to a really sad state, and I pay a lot of money to get them steam cleaned twice a year as its so necessary to keep a healthy home BUT now I can do all myself AND in between a big clean keep on top of those annoying marks and dirty paw prints that are continuous with out a bowl of sopey water and ten mount on my knees scrubbing, a constant occurrence here especially  in the winter months.


It was so simple to use too, basically plug it in and fill her up with water and the solution you can purchase from Godfreys as well. Then its a basic hit the one button and just clean away. It features a rotating brush bar to lift and clean your carpet fibres carefully so it really gets into more lush rugs too like our large Armadillo one that we spend so much time using and the dog basically lives on and it gets pretty many now and then. This little babies water turned pretty grim after a clean with this so I would call that a win. Its so easy the kids can even do it for you as its super light too!


All things point to this being a great product and well worth the investment so Im really happy to share this with you guys. Best thing too is that Godfreys are having a Stocktake sale and this will be ON SALE, it starts TODAY until Jan 31st so you have plenty of time but I wouldn’t wait as they’ll sell fast I think. See link below to check it out, and other bargains too of course!

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