Cycling Cambodia

December 5, 2017

Im finally sitting down and am going to try and put some of the words that have floated around in my head the last month after my trip with TEAM CAMBODIA as we affectionately became known as while we cycled 350km through villages, temples, jungles and towns in this amazing country.

When back in April this year a friend posted a link to see in anyone would be keen to join in a fundraising event for Cure Kids NZ I never expected it to take up the next 7 months of my life with a daily training routine, prep, planning and of course the biggest goal of Raising vital funds for this amazing charity.

I knew when I saw the link it was something that I would LOVE to be involved in as it is a charity involving children and I may need them at any time as well as my last visit to Cambodia 18 years ago after a friend getting mugged in Phnom Phen we decided to miss Siem Reip and Angkok Wat and flew back to Bangkok to swig beers, little did I know then what I was missing SO it was a sign I had to go right?

With Husbands approval I signed on that dotted line and committed myself along with six other ladies to work together to Raise Funds each of $5000 for Cure Kids and Get fit! and save, save, save as I myself had to fund $5000 out of my own pocket. But we did it, an amazing lunch put on at Soul Bar with so many generous Auction items donated, a fundraising page with some amazing support over there, a few hundred spin classes and a weekly bike ride taking us from huffing and puffing through the first 10kmer one to clocking up 70km at a breeze before we embarked. We were ready.

It would take a very long time and probably bore you all a little too much to write about all the adventures we had so I am just going to post some photos and leave it at that for the moment. I may come back with some words that can describe this adventure in the future so well see. My aim in life at this moment is to start ticking off my bucket list, it isn’t something written down but its more of a if an opportunity arises that I once would have said I would d like to do that but its too hard, expensive, time consuming etc, Im not! I’m saying YES<YES<YES… Next years is already in motio,  a half marathon to run. YIKES









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