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Forty and Fabulous.

August 21, 2017

Two years ago I turned the big 40 and I have to say I took it all in my stride. Though its a pretty scary number hey I was ready for it and it wasn’t going to change anything right? Well in a sense no, I feel the same as I did in my 30s but man oh man have I noticed the physical changes in the last two years to my body as I fast approach 43, so that means I am basically MIDDLE AGED now if I am lucky enough to be around to see in my mid 80s.

I see these posts lately by ladies in their twenties saying embrace your thighs, love your curves, booties are the bomb BUT you guys wait till your my age, you still have no wrinkles, no cellulite and your boobs do not yet hang to your knees so of course go for it and post your young firm young body all over social media while you can, shit I wish I had been able to if it was around when I was in my 20s! BUT alas it wasn’t so I totally missed my window!

What I can do it try to make the most of what I do have, wisdom, maturity, worldliness and its in not too bad a body at the moment, and that comes to my main point on how I plan to maintain and keep working at keeping it at its best as long as I can.

I want to age gracefully but not too quickly, I want to be a cool MUM that my kids don’t mind being seen with in the future, I want to keep up with the latest trends and fashion, I want to stay slim enough to look good in those clothes, I want less wrinkles, I want a toned body……… I want, I want, I want… and I know not all of these I am going to have but Im going to work hard to try and achieve at least a few of these throughout my next 40 years.

Ive always been a person that needs exercise in my life, sure theres ebbs and flows but its always a main focus and I can’t see that stopping. I know finding the time can be hard, at times I have got up at 5.30 am to get in the gym to get a workout done before Vaughan heads off to work, you need to find what works for you and if theres a will theres a way. I have noticed lately my muscle has been getting flabbier and I know I need to change my routine so I am going to get a PT on board in the near future to help with my problem areas. I want to be strong and toned going into my later years, well Im going to try bloody hard to be!

The other huge thing that I have noticed is the change in my skin, like ALL over. My knees are starting to go baggy, my thighs totally gross me out, my face is getting more wrinkles monthly and my chest and neck and full of crinkles too, no #selflove here. I mean sure there are things I love about myself but I think its also totally OK and normal to have parts of us we dislike and if possible can strive to improve right? sure if I can’t do that I may have to learn to embrace them more but Im not quiet ready to let it all go yet.

So in the last year I have been so lucky to have been sent some amazing products to try that I normally would not have thought to buy or had the money to invest in and I have been taking my time to trail them all but its made me up my routine to take so much better care of my skin. I now use serems, eye creams, toners and masks where as before I was a bit of a cleanser and moistuiser kind of girl. I have also noticed that they are helping even if its just to make my skin feel better I had a consult at Caci recently and she even said my skin was looking really great for my age so ill take that as a win. I also get my hairline done at my hairdressers every three weeks as otherwise Id be totally grey I think!


I have also never been shy to say that I have been having Botox twice yearly for the last five years to help soften those wrinkles that appeared in my 30s. I can also say I bloody love the results. I tend to just get a little each time at the moment to soften rather than freeze the lines of my face and it does just that.Ill be the first one to shout from the rooftops that DO IT! but hey I am well aware also its not for everyone, but if your sitting on the fence I would say try it.

Diet also plays a huge key in our lives here at themorrismob, we are very much a 80/20 kinda family. We eat well most of the time with more plant based food at present and then dot deny ourselves treats but make them just that, treats! earned because we’ve eaten well during the week or for behaviour or out at dinner and it is special. My biggest problem is probably wine, I am pretty good at going without it during the week but then comes the weekend and its like ALL the wine! in the last year my little #mumhack has been to buy one bottle of light wine for the weekend, I mix a small glass with double the amount of soda water and it tastes a little like cheap champagne, but the thing is I can have three large glasses over a night and its only half a bottle of light wine, winning.

Lastly I try to dress well for my age, even if half my life is spent in active wear its so great that these days is can be worn as a daily fashion edit so that suits me to a tee. It is a balance at the moment to not look like Mutton dressed as Lamb and to also not dress all fuddy duddy too. I find summer a whole lot easier than winter, throw of my favourite pair of One Teaspoons (the longer styled ones that is) and a comfy T-Shirt and your good to go, winters a little trickier but if you have a few trusty items such as good boots and jeans you can mix and match tops and coats.

My go to online shops are especially for active wear and cute little dresses. which is more expensive but great for your boots and jeans. for more active wear. has some goodies that are affordable. also there apartment stuffs fab!  for my Spell pieces, and I also regularly stock up on seasonal pieces from Zara and H&M at my local Mall too.

Well I think Ive rambled enough for today and I hope that you can take a little from this if you are a Women on or approaching your forties. Believe me its acpretty fun place to be with having dome so much already and having so much yet to come..right here in the middle of life Im happy with my amazing family and friends, come at me the next 40!




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