Theres Nothing Like NIVEA

June 1, 2017

I thought it was about time that I started blogging now and then about some of the beauty products that I Love as over on my Instagram I get asked a lot about what I use being a women in my 40s and if I do say so myself looking pretty good for it too.

Now its no secret that I am a fan of a little Botox here and there but I also use some tried and trusted products on a daily bases too. Some are more specified and higher end ones and some are just my all time favs that are off the supermarket shelf and will not break the bank. After all I have certainly had a lot of time to try them over the years.

Ill start today with the one that I have used the longest on and off, probably going back to when I was a teenager and that is good old NIVEA creme. I even remember my Mother using NIVEA creme way back when and I have memories of dipping my finger in that little blue tin every now and then when she wasn’t looking. It has become a staple throughout the years for me now. In my backpack travelling the world, on dusty vanities in dingy flats and in the nappy bag for all kinds of Mummy and Bub moments.

I love NIVEA creme and it has become part of my everyday regime again lately. It is easy to find on every supermarket shelf and the price point is great, convenience is key to me these days. I have also used it on the children too (as it is suitable for all skin types) over the years as I seem to often have had it on hand and its gentle enough on their delicate skin which is so good. It has also been around since 1911 and a every seconds three tins are sold around the world! So thats saying something right?

Do you have a nostalgic product that you use? One that reminds you of your youth or days growing up rattling through your Mums cabinet and sneaking a sniff or smear? For me NIVEA creme is the one, and that round blue tin brings back all the memories as well as its never changing scent.

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