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Ashtons Pirate Party

May 11, 2017

So it happened, my last baby turned five and I couldn’t stop it. Ive been having moments of not coping with the impending coming of age now for about a year and would tell him almost daily he was NOT allowed to turn five, but there really was nothing I could do to stop it.

We all know that our babies will grow up, and we all say it passes in a flash. Well its all too bloody true and it breaks your heart just a little to lose your baby to school and independence. I will no longer have a little person with me in the day to hang out with, share a fluffy and go on little adventures, Ill be all alone.

Now I also know that I will soon adjust and find plenty to fill my day..its not like he hasn’t been at kindy the last two years for full days. It just all seems too soon and too final. When Franca started school I was so excited for her and ready for her to go, but I still had my baby at home. With his turn it is quiet different and he seems way to little be heading off into the big wide world.

I collected bits and bobs from all over the place and totally stole ideas from images on the net. I would like to give a special mention to Oshissasha over on Esty for making amazing costumes over there in Russia and Buttercake Creamery here in Auckland for the amazing cake.

Two dollar shop hauls added the loot bag fillers and I filled a pinuata to the brim with small pirate themes toys and lollies and let the children add them to the little buckets I found and they were used as the loot bags. We played Pirate Ring Toss and Pop the Patch on the Pirate and the children got chocolate gold coins as little prizes. We also had a Pirate ship bouncy castle and a Pirate Entertainer for an hour of the party.

It was a huge success and some friends stayed well into the evening. Now I am hanging up my party boots for a few years xx

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