Camping Here We Come

December 24, 2016

Well if you follow along on our little journey in life already you will know that Themorrismob love adventures and often take these out of the rat race of Auckland into yonder fields, and this summer our very first family camping trip is on the horizon.

By no way will it be my first camping trip because as a child our family of seven camped all around California and did a six week camping trip of the North and South Islands of New Zealand and it’s those same experiences that we want to give our children. But we are starting small with a four day trip to the beautiful Bay of Islands here in NZ. With the help of the ever trusted homegrown brand Kathmandu we will be sharing this trip on my social media channels for you all to see, but before we head off in January I thought i’d share a wee blog about my top tips for a great camping experience and on our return i’ll update you on which tips were most useful and any new ones we learnt on our experience. I would also love to hear any recommendations that you may have from your experiences before we head away in the comments too.


1: Prepare.. This would have to be come prepared for the NZ weather! I plan on packing light but taking the necessary clothing and bedding for all the weather elements as we all know how the good old kiwi summer isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be. So along with the shorts and t-shirts we will be taking a puffer jacket each, long pants and socks for colder nights and to keep the bugs at bay too. I’ll also pack an extra blanket or two incase the sleeping bags are not enough, though hoping they stay snuggly packed away. We will also be checking the weather reports but as we are lucky to be staying at a Top 10 for our first trip with great facilities a little rain shouldn’t hurt us, but we do plan for more remote trips to islands with our boat in tow in the future and this is when the weather will pay a huge part.

2: Planning.. It’s often all in the planning to have a safe and happy trip with children. We will book some activities that will be enjoyable for the whole family as well a few meals pre-booked so we don’t have to worry about table waits at the end of a long, busy day. I make sure to look at a map of the area before, check ferry timetables and locations of activities so less time wasted and less stress for everyone. I’ve already booked and checked out the location and facilities of the campsite to make sure we know where it is and what items we will need to take such as the Kathmandu Camp Kitchen Set as we all need to use the camp’s kitchen and this will be a super easy way to have everything at hand. I will also need to take some items from home that we will need and i’ve made that list so nothing is forgotten. Other kitchen essentials such as oil, salt, pepper and tomato sauce will of course be in the mix too! Oh, and this solar rechargeable kit will definitely be useful for keeping my phone charged at all times for sharing. Books and games for the kids and some drawing and lanterns to see in the dark.


3: Practice.. As we are novices with kids camping, yes we have travelled far and wide with the children but putting up tents and setting up a site is a new challenge, so we’re planning a little practice run. This will let us get to know the gear and how it all works and help with the realisation of things we may need to take from home i.e pillows and a picnic rug. So a backyard set-up and sleepover before heading away is on the horizon!

I’m sure we’ll learn a lot as we go and come back with some amazing new made memories for the bank. Now weather gods, please be kind.


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