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My Christmas Picks For The Kids

November 21, 2016

Can you guys believe its only like five weeks until the big man comes down those chimneys, crawls in windows or just plain old walks through those ranch sliders. Where did this year go, hey but we say that EVERY year so in reality life just moves at a super fast pace. Which for means another year that my babies aren’t that at all and they are fast approaching big kid status. So I thought I would put together a little christmas present list that is more directed at the 4 plus range as thats really where our families at at the moment.

I just want to addΒ a link here to the new amazing buisness a friend of mine has set up thats is basically where you purchase a set pack of presents that are age and gender related, pick your paper and a sack design and it all comes wrapped and in the the sack all ready to go…RIGHT I know! if you are a busy Mum or a Grandma stuck for time or ideas how super awesome is that!

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So these are all ideas that either we have given in the past, Ive brought or are going to give out to family that are asking for ideas for the kids. Ill add more over the upcoming weeks so please check back too.

Our Monkey Bars

I get asked time and again about where we got our monkey bars as most probably if you follow os on Snapchat you’ll see the kids live on them. Ours are from a place in Auckland called the Trampoline and Swing factory but you may find them other places, ours were made to order and the wait time was about 6 weeks so this you may need to get in early next year. We got a few extras put on such as swing and trapeze and these are used all the time.


Micro Scooters

These we’ve been riding for years and this year we feel the kids are ready for two wheelers so Ill be getting these in the next week or so. My advice is that if your childs 3 plus just go straight to the maxi micros, Ashton outgrew his mini super fast.


Board games

You can’t go wrong with a board game or two, great for the nieces and nephews too. Last year it was Guess Who and this year Ive found this Disneys Eye Found it from Whitcoulls. I know my kids will love it as they just love finding little things..wheres Wally Books are also very cool for this! we have quiet a few and the kids can spend hours hunting for the items.


i pods

I am also looking at getting a iPod each for the kids and loading audio books onto them so at night they can listen to them in bed or just when they need some chill out time. Add some cool headphones and it would make a great little gift.



Now Franca got one of these a few Christmas ago and its is used all the time, so this year I would love Ashton to have one (or his upcoming birthday) Get a a couple of fun kids CDS, I highly recommend “Flea Bites” and another fun activity that they can do hanging out breaking the moves in their room or listen to radio books on it too.



Oh you know I have to pop these in!Β

I do swear by them as being great quality and will last and last, also the kids do love turning their scooter into a dinosaur.





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