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Clever Kash

October 26, 2016


It only seems like yesterday that I received my very own bankbook with the ASB  and used to love little trips to the bank where I would hand over my hard earned pocket money or some gifted cash from relatives overseas and watch the teller hand write that new balance right there before my eyes. Then a few years later being amazed that they could now print that new balance out with a special machine, yes Im really showing my age here right?

Well WELCOME Clever Kash, the new magical cashless moneybag of the future. Meet him here.

I am so in love with this concept as my children whilst have piggy banks they are forever taking out the money to play with and it gets dropped, lost and mixed up, with Clever Kash now the money they earn or get from the Tooth Fairy and Elves (yes Ashton believes) will be kept safe in one place and actually accumulate for them to spend on something in the future. We have popped some of Francas Tooth fairy money over to Ellie already but I can’t wait for her next tooth to come out now as no need to scrounge for coins anymore, well pop it over to Ellie while she sleeps and BOOM, new total in the morning!

We will also be starting star charts next week to have some daily goals in place so that the kids can work towards a few dollars a week and pop their savings over into Ellie and Dumbo (they named them) and see their totals go up each week…or not. They also have some Bali Cash they earned from giving massages over there so we are planning a trip to the bank to exchange it and then we can transfer the new total into their new little friends. When they have reached their goals for the wanted toy they can then learn that the total will disappear too and we start all over again.


img_8443 img_8442

How does it work? its simple really, your child and you will need their own ASB bank account and a parent will need the ASB mobile App on either a tablet or phone. There are simple instructions to follow once your Clever Kash is charged up and then you head to Transfer on the App, choose the account you want the money to come from and then the magic happens, coins appear for your child to swipe and they instantly show up in balance on Clever Kasha Tummy display. See Franca doing so below.


img_8422 img_8423

Im sure this is going to be a hit throughout many New Zealand households. We are lucky to have collaborated with the ASB to be some of the very first to try this little guy out and will be sharing out thoughts and ideas with you all over on our Instagram and Facebook over the next few weeks.


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