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May 17, 2016

So I have had a lot of interest over the years on my little fetish with Botox so thought Id write a little about it over here on the Blog.

First off I have been having treatments twice yearly for the last 4 years, basically the day Ashton was off my boob I booked my first appointment. I was 38 years old and the years of face sunbathing and gravity were starting to take over, and I always knew that when the time was right Id dabble-this was it.

I know its not for everyone and thats absolutely a person’s own decision, but the one I have made is to try and have it until the day I feel its time to age gracefully or I can no longer afford it. Yes, it is pricey but as a lady who does not spend a lot of money on nails, hair and makeup this is my little indulgence. If I could, I would have it 3 times a year but my budget doesn’t allow this at present – maybe once I’m back working.

Is it painful? No. No more than a few little needle pricks in each area (you are wishing to get done) are needed. This is done after you have hadΒ the initial consultation, which takes up to an hour. During this time the Professional, like my nurse Majorie will take you through Β all the ins and outs of Botox and check to see what it is you want to achieve.

Price varies from approximately $400-800, depending on how much you need and what you wish done. I tend to get my forehead, crows and frown lines done and it’s somewhere in the middle of this price range. If you have a budget then just let your doctor know and they can work with it.

I am not going for the ‘make me look 10 years younger look‘ (if that even possible), I just do it to look refreshed with a natural look, and it seems to be working. You’ll see from the photos that I still have a few crinkles to look my age- just Bloody good for it!

I can’t recommend “The Face Place” enough where I presently go, but if you are thinking of getting some Botox for the first time just do your research and use a reputable clinic that only uses the best products, so theres very little risk of anything going wrong. It’s worth paying that little extra to know your in great hands.



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Crows before and after
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Frown Before and after
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Forehead before and after
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before and after whole face

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