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Happy Hour Essentials

May 4, 2016

So just thought I would blog and share a few of the essential travel items we keep on hand at all times whilst travelling with two children. One a not so little toddler and a school aged child.

We have travelled with our children since Franca went to the bach at 10 days old and usually a overseas trip or two each year if we are lucky as well as Wellington and South Island quiet a bit, so you could say we know our stuff. Also I was a nanny for 20 years and travelled often with families to exotic destinations as well as 9 years as a backpacker myself.

I keep it pretty simple these days, less is better especially if you plan to shop as every extra kilo counts at weigh in.

So ill just share some snaps of the things we take to keep the children amused on the plane, in the restaurants, hotel rooms and by the pool as well as our trusty buggy that even now is used daily though will be happy when we don’t need to take it.

I Pads– we have two iPad mins as I prefer these as fit into my handbag. I pre load them each trip with a few new games and movies and carry small headphones with us to keep the noise at a minimum in certain places. I also carry a power bank everywhere for our phones and i phones to re charge on the go if needed.

Paper and Pens- These are probably our biggest saving grace,Β as we have two little creative souls so they love colouring in and drawing so I carry pens and paper everywhere, more so than the iPads. They do colouring competitions, noughts and crosses and just draw to their hearts content. It works a treat with our kids and we can often get through a meal peace free thanks to these two simple things. I get our paper pads and a fill a pencil case from Kmart. Check out the Crayola Smelly pens that have ones such as BARNYARD..keep the adults entertained a lot too!

Activity Books– I can not rate the usborne ones enough, I get them from the book depository and they are seriously amazing. So much to do in them, Franca first one is still going strong with heaps to do after two years!! no joke. I also take a few new Weres Wallys as my kids LOVE these and can spend hours in the car looking for all the bits. We have the apps on the iPads too they also love.

Pram- A compact Stroller that is light and durable is key. We have a had a Babyzen yoyo and a Mountain Buggy Nano and both are as good as each other and can be taken onto the plane and put in the overhead luggage so you can have it if stuck in crazy customs queues. They also lay flat as my kids tend to fall asleep a lot whilst travelling as we keep them so busy.

We carry a sturdy backpack with the essentials of snacks, water bottles, wipes and a small first aid kit as well.. lucky no more nappies!

obviously its age related to our children but maybe it can help a little if your thinking of tripping with the wee ones which is just the best thing ever.IMG_7714IMG_6726IMG_7497IMG_6634IMG_7544IMG_7542


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